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> I’ve been seeing references to ‘pc master race’ all over the Internet and, I must say, I do agree.
> I also need to figure out an email address. Many of these sites want them.


[ The second part of the intro rps. Now that E is connected to the internet, he’ll be able to send and receive messages. So, the blog is officially reopened. Thanks again to Leland. Check her out on her Lyle Bolton blog as well.

Bold text is E;\Nygma’s dialog.]

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Reblog if you Skype as your muse


and you’re willing to RP over Skype if a partner drops you an ask :)


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[[ Intro RP with Dr. Leland from Ask Dr. Leland. Also check her out on Ask Lyle Bolton.

Warning, this is sort of long. Bolded text is E:\NYGMA ‘talking’ ]]

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[[ Moving Blogs ]]

[[ I’m still setting up (procrastination), but I finally made my new RP blog. It’s a collection of characters. You can follow me at ]]

[[ Repurposing the Blog or Leave it as an Archive? ]]

[[ I’m not sure if I’ll be coming back to this character, but at the same time I’m not sure if I should change the url and start from there or create a new blog from scratch and abandon this one.

What do you guys think? ]]

DC Masterlist


Reblog if you’re a DC roleplayer to be put in a masterlist.

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[[ What is with people following me? ]]


It figures that the Riddler would have to draw attention to himself, even in death. As someone who has attempted suicide, I sympathize with him, but what he did was inappropriate.